Aug 1, 2016
I scored a 265 on my first PFT.
17 pull-ups
76 crunches (I kicking myself for thinking crunches would be a guaranteed 100)
18:55 run

Does this put me in the competitive range for a 4 year NROTC Marine Option scholarship. I'll definitely do better the next time I take it because I had a cold when I took it this time, especially because the thing I most need to improve is sit ups, which is easiest part. As of now though, do I have a solid PFT that makes me competitive for the scholarship? If not, what do I need to strive for in order to be competitive?

Here's the rest of my resume if you want to tell me my chances in general:

30 ACT: 32 math, 32 English, 30 science, 25 reading (they only asked about my math and english sub scores)
3.9 gpa weighted
3.2 gpa unweighted
16 honors classes and 3 APs
1 year of JV hockey and 3 years varsity
1 year of freshman lacrosse
3 varsity letters
Level 3 USA hockey referee (this is a high level)
I volunteer to mentor new referees and teach them how to do the job
Have umpired baseball since I was 12
Caddied since I was 13
I work approximately 5-10 hours a week (1-9 category)
Volunteer occasionally at soup kitchens and do a fundraiser each year to fund pediatric cancer research (about 20 hours a year)
The people that wrote my recommendation letters think very highly of me and I assume that they wrote good things about me.
My grandpa was a Marine (not really sure if this matters)
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Yes, this is good... Higher is better. Suggestion: Focus on pull ups which will give you 5 pts each, then sit ups at 2 pts each. Scholarship selection is much more than PFT score so application, essays, interviews are all very important now.
Some have gotten a scholarship with lower scores, some have been turned down with higher scores. It really is about the whole person on paper and the person presented in the interviews. For what it's worth, you look balanced on paper. Own the interview and the essays.

Obviously, higher is better. As Grunt alluded to -- 3 more pullups will max you out. It also sounds like you can max out crunches.
I agree with USMCGrunt. Your score is good, but try to get it higher. If you can do 17 pull ups now, you should be able to get a few more with some work and max it out. Crunches should be relatively easy to improve with some work. Focus on those areas since the run is probably harder to improve in a short time. The rest of your resume looks pretty good, but keep working at everything - the competition is tough.
As a comparison, the average PFT for a student awarded a Marine option National scholarship out of Marine Corps Recruiting District 6 in 2015 was 269.
265 is a solid score, especially knowing you didn't max out sit ups. 265 is good, a 280+ is better. Looks like you should have a solid application. Good luck.
my son was told by the recruiting Capt. 280 or better is where you want to be.
Is it a good idea to use smelling salts or drink an energy drink before taking the PFT. I'm taking the PFT again on Wednesday and I really want to get above a 285. Would any of you recommend smelling salts or an energy drink beforehand? If not is there anything else you would recommend that would increase my PFT?
No. Doing something that is not part of your routine will only potentially screw you up. Energy drinks like Red Bull and other items... not good for anyone, especially teenagers. Nothing can replace being prepared, getting sleep, eating right and being hydrated. Focus on that and doing some mental walk thru in your head. Don't psych yourself out... do your best, that is all you can ask of yourself.