Nov 3, 2016
Last year I started (but did not complete) the application for USAFA class of 2021. This Fall I will be going to CU Boulder for engineering and applying for USAFA class of 2022. Last year I received a nomination from my local Rep. My stats are: GPA 3.6UW/4.0W, ACT 32, SAT 1330, 4 years club Ultimate Frisbee, 2 years Officer in choir, 2 years All State choir, 4 (out of 4) semester academic letter, National Latin Exam gold and silver medalist, selected for student leadership group, 30+ hrs volunteer work tutoring students at school, 2+ years work experience (Certified Trainer at Smashburger, trained over 70 managers and employees from across the country), accepted to CU Boulder College of Engineering. I am planning on joining AFROTC and Flying club in Boulder next year along with adding more volunteer work. With some work I will get my physical scores up to at least the goal standards, and I am fairly confident I will get a nomination again this year because of the low competition in my district. Does anyone have any advice or outlooks on how I could improve my application/whether I could get in? Thanks.
One thing that stands out to me in your resume is a lack of sports. That being said, you have a ton of extracurriculars. Maybe join an intramural sport and try to be a captain on the team. If you blow the CFA out of the water and max most or all of the events, there shouldn't be an issue with sports though. Also, try and get straight A's in college this fall semester. When looking at college applicants the Academy wants to see that you have the ability to succeed in college level courses.
As soon as you get to CU ask for a meeting with your CoC. Tell him/her of your intentions to apply for USAFA. Many kids wrongly assume that AFROTC CoCs are not supportive of cadets wanting to go to USAFA over AFROTC. Nothing is further from the truth. They understand that they are all on the same future leaders.

Great CoCs are going to make sure that you will be prepared, such as getting the ROTC nom. or maybe even being a bit harder on you regarding the PFT so you will max the CFA.
Congrats on getting in to CU Engineering. It's a great program. The AFROTC unit up there is also a very strong unit and the commander is a USAFA grad, so he should be helpful about what you need to do to get into the Air Force Academy. As mentioned above, reach out to him. And, as mentioned above, get those A's. But your training gives you great leadership.
Also, my daughter interviewed there for her AFROTC scholarship app and the ROTC offices are in the football stadium. It's a pretty cool set up.