Help: When will DoDMERB Contact me?


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Dec 16, 2019
I have completed everything on the application for USAFA, USMMA, and USCGA except for the essays (which I'm working on, I just want them to be as good as possible before submitting). My question; is DodDMERB supposed to contact me for my medical examination? Or do I contact them? And do I need to complete a medical examination for each academy that I am applying to, or will I only need to complete it just once (therefore encompassing all academies)? Lastly, is the DoDMERB required to be submitted by January for all academies, or at later dates?
Sorry for all of the questions, thanks in advance!
My understanding from reading on SAF is that if someone has completed some % of their application such as input SAT/ACT scores, GPA and couple of other things and if SAs think you are competitive, DoDMerb is triggered.

1 DODmerb is valid for all SA.
My FFR told me that your application essays will trigger your medical exam. So get those done ASAP. Afterwards, an academy will schedule an exam for you. And a few days after that you'll get an email from DoDMETS. So, you don't have to contact them. You only need one exam; it'll work for any academy or ROTC program.

Not sure about the deadline. I've heard of people becoming medically qualified in March, while they application due date is January
DoDMERB will do nothing for you until triggered by one of the SAs or ROTC program.
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And the academy does not schedule your exam. You get an email (check spam) and it has instructions to log in and then you follow the instructions to the letter. You will have a provider listed for both eye and medical and you call them to schedule. You then enter those appointment time and dates in the system. And fill out medical questionnaire with a parent, and do NOT diagnose yourself. Only list what you have been diagnosed by a physician with.
Is it allowed to contact DodMERB in advance, instead of waiting for them to contact me?

Also +1 to AROTC-dad, Make sure your parents review the medical questionnaire prior to submission if you filled it out yourself. Pay attention to the questions and answer accordingly. You can't be too careful when doing this, both to provide the information and avoiding any unnecessary issues for you.