Dad Joke thread (everybody welcome)

I remember what fun it was to fill a paper bag with the keypunch "chads" and then slip the open end under someone's dorm room door and stomp on the bag. Good times.
Old school tools for you punch card warriors. The 18" ruler does 24x80 green screen measures on one side and can count cards by depth on the other. The flow chart template should need no introduction. (I actually own these.)


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Yeah, but does anybody know how to use the drum to program those keypunches? I did at the time, but certainly don't remember.
I remember trying to schedule time in the "computer room". But you could yield some time for a pretty girl. Then we moved on to IFF & SIF, MTI, Phased Array and Doppler which the weather man thinks is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Once sitting at a scope and playing with the SIF I asked the controller next to me what a 7500 code meant. Things changed quickly. Some idiot was trying to leave Saigon without a ticket on a West bound flight.


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The Militay Then and probly now is full of real jokes. Backup Computer chanel down for dead critical vacuum tube. No replacement. Mountain Home says we will get you one maybe within the week. In the old old old days Drug Stores used to sell vacuum tubes and they had a big book with compatible tubes by number. Drove down the mountain and found some cheap replacements and I bought two and never reimbursed. Still waiting for that Silver Star. Not a joke but jokes are a dime a dozen in the true life military
I chortled at the double-entendre there. ;)
A talking tree pleaded with a logger not to be cut down.

The logger just smirked and said "All you know is how to dialog".