1. I

    Does USAFA Have a Wait List?

    Anyone know if the Academy has a wait list? I've realized that with the timeline of all the appointments being given out now, I'm definitely not even close to being their first choice. I'm starting to realize that I probably won't be accepted, but even so, it would be an honor to even be...
  2. L

    By April 1 – Regular Admission decisions released?

    So just for clarification, all admissions decisions are made by April 1st, but appointments can be offered before this time; is this correct? Additionally, are most appointments released before this date, or on this date? Do sports play a major factor in getting an appointment before the deadline?
  3. jagtiger26

    Chances of getting into USAFA with at least three already admitted students in my county?

    In my county (not sure about congressional district but assuming there are more applicants), there are already three students with either a LOA or an athletic offer (1 LOA 2 accepted athletic offers). How much will this negatively impact my chances of getting a nomination/appointment? Do...
  4. E

    Received an LOA - unsure about principal noms

    Hello! First-time poster here. I’m a candidate for USMA and received a nomination from my district congresswoman. Now, as I have not spoken with her yet, I am unsure if I am a principal nominee. Since I have an LOA though, and received the nomination, does that mean I have an almost 100% chance...
  5. H

    What does it take to qualify for an LOA?

    What does one need in order to receive an LOA? I know FF interviews may be a new requirement. Also, can someone still receive an LOA if they completed their entire application(including nomination)?
  6. B

    Is this a Letter of Encouragement?

    I filled out West Point's Candidate Questionnaire a while back. I didn't even log in to my portal since then, but today I got the following email: Greetings from West Point, Based on the information you have provided us in your Candidate Questionaire, you are a highly competitive candidate...
  7. S

    Question about LOA

    To receive an LOA do you need 100% of your application done (including BGO interview)? Also does already having a nomination boost your chances of getting an LOA?
  8. B

    NAPS ‘20 LOA Question(s)

    I received an email this past weekend with a conditional offer to NAPS! I’m totally excited, but I still need to get a DoDMerb waiver. Now that I got my LOA, has the waiver process really started? How long can I expect to wait? And assuming I get a waiver , does anyone know what day we are to...
  9. S

    2nd Semester Grades Question

    I am a candidate for USNA, currently I have recieved LOA and I am pending a medical waiver. My question is in regards to USNA's policy on second semester senior year grades. I am currently in 6 AP classes, and as AP exams are approaching, the coursework for each class is ramping up. I expect to...
  10. BuffaloBoy

    Conditional LOA-Medical Waiver Needed

    Hello all, I’ve been on these forums for a while. However, I just created an account. A couple of days ago, I received a conditional LOA from the Naval Academy!! I was so stunned to have received one. Currently, I have all requirements done except that I was DQ’d in December. I am waiting on...
  11. A


    Hey, USMA 2023 candidate here. I received my LOA about 3 weeks ago! I’m a recruited athlete, passed my CFA, received a congressional nomination, but i’ve been DQ for asthma:( My asthma isn’t really a problem. It’s not exercise induced, it doesn’t usually act up but sometimes it does from...
  12. A

    DODMERB, Asthma, additional testing

    Hey, USMA 2023 candidate here. I received my LOA about 3 weeks ago! I’m a recruited athlete, passed my CFA, received a congressional nomination, but i’ve been DQ for asthma:( My asthma isn’t really a problem. It’s not exercise induced, it doesn’t usually act up but sometimes it does from...
  13. S

    Tough Position (LOA received but medical issues)

    Hi, I have received an LOA last week for USNA. The only issue is that I might have compartment syndrome in my legs, and if so, I would need surgery for them down the line. The issue is that I really want to go to the academy but I don't want something like this stopping my dream as a whole...
  14. A

    LOA for class of '23

    Hello, This past early September, I received an LOA for the Class of '23 at USNA. As I still need a nomination and know the LOA in itself is no guarantee of getting one, should I inform the offices of the Congressmen/Senators in my state of this? Or, alternatively, should I just bring a...
  15. N

    Want to change my SA rankings on MOC application with LOA

    I am applying to all 3 SAs hoping to get an appointment to any one of them. I would accept an appointment to any SA if offered. Unexpectedly, I received an LOA from USMA last week which really was a surprise considering how competitive all SAs are. I know I am competitive but the LOA was still a...
  16. D

    Early Application Submission

    I have heard several stories both on this forum and elsewhere of candidates being admitted or receiving LOAs as early as October or November from getting their applications in early. This being said, if I submit my application in the next week or so will I have a chance at this, and more...
  17. T

    Possible LOA - Reapplicant for Class of 2023

    I just got a call from an admissions officer and she is willing to offer me a letter of assurance (LOA); however, as a reapplicant she stated that I must first pass the CFA! So, the CFA is my top priority at the moment. My DODMERB is complete and now I am just in the waiver process with USMA. I...
  18. 5


    Purpose of an LOA and what the significance of getting one means?
  19. R

    Alternate Nomination Sources

    I have an LOA from the Naval Academy but somehow I slipped through the cracks during the congressional nomination process. Nobody gave me a nomination to USNA, how good of a chance do I have of getting a Vice presidential or Superintendent's nomination? Thanks to all
  20. W

    Conditional Offer of Appointment LOA

    I received an email today notifying me of a change in my application status. I checked the application portal, and my status is listed as: "Conditional Offer of Appointment LOA" and my required actions are listed as "Obtain a Nomination". I have already had congressional nomination interviews...