1. M

    Proud mom of newly minted Ensign...huge Thank you to the board, and advice to new mids...

    Obviously I am swelling up with pride for my daughter who recently commissioned. I am even prouder of the way she picked herself up after a few stumbles on her journey! As a parent, I always knew it was her journey, but also worried about how she would fare through some tough challenges. Many...
  2. USMA2026Cadet

    LOA/LOE & College

    I’m a college reapplicant and was wondering if I would be qualified to receive a LOA/LOE if my SSK is fully submitted in August, with the parts I can complete (so not college transcript or activities), but I’d still be missing a few SOEs because of college. Meaning my candidate statements, HS...
  3. A

    LOA ---> Appointment

    Hello everybody! I just recently received an LOA to USNA. Everything is checked off on my portal, so I know my appointment is coming. I was just wondering if anybody could offer their timeline as to how long it took for you to receive your "official appointment" after all conditions of your LOA...
  4. E

    LOA and Appointment timeline

    My DS received an LOA to USMA in August. Since then, candidate has become medically qualified from DODMERB, passed the CFA (green checkmark and "passed" shown in the portal), and received a congressional nomination in late December. DS has not received a 3Q letter (is this necessary?) DS has...
  5. S

    How long does it take to know if you get in after you complete your Application?

    I have 3 nominations to USAFA and I finished my application today except my Liaison Officer Interview that I cannot schedule (has to be done by the academy my ALO said) and my DODMeds (couldn’t be completed until my application was sent). I was wondering what time frame should I be looking at to...
  6. E

    LOA Eligibility

    Is it still possible to receive an LOA this late into the process? I am applying for WP and have seen a pretty big amount of self reported LOAs from users on the SAF.
  7. B

    Qualified Letter/LOA

    In September, I was given a Letter of Assurance stating that once I completed a few final things in my file, received a nomination, and received medical qualification, I would get an appointment to the class of 2025. As of October 19th, I am medically and physically qualified, and my file is...
  8. Y

    Can LOA be revoked based on CFA?

    Hello, I have recently received an LOA for USMA not too long ago, but still, something troubles me. So for context, I only have my statements, nomination, medical qualification, and CFA scores left on my application for me to input. The only part that I am slightly worried about is the CFA. I...
  9. C

    USAFA Appointment

    I am a reapplicant applying for the Class of 2025. I did not get in last year but was quickly accepted into Northwestern Prep which is a civil Academy prep school. I have already completed my ALO interview and the interviewer believed that I have the perfect mold for a cadet and he wrote me the...
  10. H


    I recently received a letter of assurance to West Point with appointment conditional on dormers, nomination, and passing the cfa. What standards would have to be met to pass?
  11. I

    Does USAFA Have a Wait List?

    Anyone know if the Academy has a wait list? I've realized that with the timeline of all the appointments being given out now, I'm definitely not even close to being their first choice. I'm starting to realize that I probably won't be accepted, but even so, it would be an honor to even be...
  12. L

    By April 1 – Regular Admission decisions released?

    So just for clarification, all admissions decisions are made by April 1st, but appointments can be offered before this time; is this correct? Additionally, are most appointments released before this date, or on this date? Do sports play a major factor in getting an appointment before the deadline?
  13. jagtiger26

    Chances of getting into USAFA with at least three already admitted students in my county?

    In my county (not sure about congressional district but assuming there are more applicants), there are already three students with either a LOA or an athletic offer (1 LOA 2 accepted athletic offers). How much will this negatively impact my chances of getting a nomination/appointment? Do...
  14. E

    Received an LOA - unsure about principal noms

    Hello! First-time poster here. I’m a candidate for USMA and received a nomination from my district congresswoman. Now, as I have not spoken with her yet, I am unsure if I am a principal nominee. Since I have an LOA though, and received the nomination, does that mean I have an almost 100% chance...
  15. H

    What does it take to qualify for an LOA?

    What does one need in order to receive an LOA? I know FF interviews may be a new requirement. Also, can someone still receive an LOA if they completed their entire application(including nomination)?
  16. B

    Is this a Letter of Encouragement?

    I filled out West Point's Candidate Questionnaire a while back. I didn't even log in to my portal since then, but today I got the following email: Greetings from West Point, Based on the information you have provided us in your Candidate Questionaire, you are a highly competitive candidate...
  17. S

    Question about LOA

    To receive an LOA do you need 100% of your application done (including BGO interview)? Also does already having a nomination boost your chances of getting an LOA?
  18. B

    NAPS ‘20 LOA Question(s)

    I received an email this past weekend with a conditional offer to NAPS! I’m totally excited, but I still need to get a DoDMerb waiver. Now that I got my LOA, has the waiver process really started? How long can I expect to wait? And assuming I get a waiver , does anyone know what day we are to...
  19. S

    2nd Semester Grades Question

    I am a candidate for USNA, currently I have recieved LOA and I am pending a medical waiver. My question is in regards to USNA's policy on second semester senior year grades. I am currently in 6 AP classes, and as AP exams are approaching, the coursework for each class is ramping up. I expect to...
  20. BuffaloBoy

    Conditional LOA-Medical Waiver Needed

    Hello all, I’ve been on these forums for a while. However, I just created an account. A couple of days ago, I received a conditional LOA from the Naval Academy!! I was so stunned to have received one. Currently, I have all requirements done except that I was DQ’d in December. I am waiting on...