1. P

    Can an officer in the US military either active/reserve/national guard switch branches?

    If for example I became a reserve officer in the army as a 17A would I be able to switch branches to the Navy or Airforce reserve while in service? If not could I switch after I am done with my term? Would I be able to retain my rank as officer if I switch branches? Thank you.
  2. U

    Transferring Scholarship to State University

  3. P

    Transferring to the USAFA: I need advice.

    Hi everyone, Apologies if I am going about this incorrectly: it's my first time on this forum, but I'm searching high and low for some information. 99% of the data I've found on attending the USAFA academy is regarding students going straight from high school. That is not my scenario. I...
  4. C

    Transfer of 3 Year National Scholarship from 2nd Brigade to 5th Brigade

    So I just recently finished my freshman year/MS1 year at Syracuse University and have decided that the school and program are not for me. I've made the decision to transfer from Syracuse to the University of Utah along with my 3 Year AROTC National Scholarship. I have already discussed the...
  5. C

    Committing ED then transferring AROTC Scholarship

    I was recently deferred by my first choice school early action. I’m planning on committing to play sports for another school. The coaches can ensure that I’m admitted if commit EDII. Since I’ve already accepted the scholarship to another school, am I going to be able to transfer it relatively...
  6. CA_hopeful

    Deciding to Affirm/Leave USMA Advice

    I used to live on this forum in high school. (Which I DO NOT recommend--enjoy high school and quit the extracurriculars you are only doing for resume points! Just work hard at the things you are genuinely passionate about, get good grades, and be kind and you will do great. But that's not what...
  7. A

    AROTC Transfer Process Post-Enrollment

    Our DS was awarded a 3-year national scholarship last year. Unfortunately, the college he chose was not a good fit (no academic or disciplinary issues), so he has moved on to another (yes, much more expensive) school that is in a different Brigade. I understand that all the paperwork to move...
  8. C

    SMP Cadet Transfer?

    Is it possible for an SMP cadet to transfer to another school? I will be in in the Indiana guard soon, and I plan on attending a local school for my freshman year, after which I plan to apply for the USMA. But if this doesn't work out, I'm interested to know, is it possible for me to transfer to...
  9. G

    Prior College Questions

    General question here: I have an Associate of Engineering, which includes classes such as Calculus 1-3, Physics 1 and 2, Chemistry 1 and 2, C++ programming, Engineering Graphics, etc. This degree in my state is mainly just a transfer degree, which allows me to transfer to a university without...
  10. M

    Army National Guard to Air National Guard

    I am currently enlisted in the Army National Guard and was curious if I'm able to transfer or be moved to the Air National Guard. I haven't left for basic training or AIT yet. I do leave for Basic Training in 25 days if this might affect the answer.
  11. colebgeorge

    Public University Transfer into a Service Academy

    Good evening, I'm brand new around here and I'm looking for some advice. I'm just finishing up my first full year of university at Texas A&M and I'm finding myself to be struggling in the big university atmosphere. I'm stuck in a major that I'm beginning to find that isn't the best fit for me...
  12. S

    Move from ROTC SMP to USCGA?

    My son's dream is to fly rotary aircraft. He's an Eagle Scout and really wants to serve. He applied EA to USCGA for Fall 2018 and got denied. He moved on and decided to join the Corps of Cadets (and ROTC) at Texas A&M. While there, he got excited about the Army and its path to rotary...
  13. T

    Am I Making a Mistake

    Hey, I’m a student that was accepted to two SMC’s but didn’t achieve the scholarship because of lower PT scores. Since denial, I’ve worked on and continue to make progress on improving in this category. As of right now, I’ve been accepted into my state scholar’s college with more than a full...
  14. M

    USMMA Transfer

    My DD was at USMMA in the class of 2022 and has since resigned. She is now hoping to transfer into Texas A&M Galveston with the license option. Just waiting on the admission decision now. Is there anyone who has transferred from USMMA to TAMUG or who is currently at TAMUG that can give us some...
  15. J

    Transfer Requests

    Does anyone know if Army CC will process scholarship transfer requests as they are received or if they wait until after the results of the third board? Thanks for any help!
  16. J

    Question about ROTC scholarship transfer

    My DD was awarded 3-year scholarships to 3 of her top 4 school choices: George Mason (1st choice), Penn State - Erie (Behrend) (2nd choice), and James Madison (4th choice). Her 3rd choice was Penn State - University Park. She had Penn State- Erie higher on her list because we weren't absolutely...
  17. A

    From Texas A&M '21 to USNA 2023

    I have completed my first year in engineering (accepted to mechanical) at Texas A&M and am 100% sure I want to stop here and go to the Naval Academy. I want to take on the rigor of the academy, experience the incredible community there, and earn a commission to hopefully be a pilot for the US...
  18. C


    Hello, I am a rising Senior, and am torn between USNA & AROTC (only rotc offered locally). Assuming I earn the 4 year AROTC Scholarship, can I still reapply (and possibly earn admission to) USNA within my first 2 years of being on the AROTC scholarship at the college aforementioned, or does the...
  19. P

    Chances of USAFA appointment

    I am a senior in high school, graduating in a few months. I never thought about joining a SA until a few months ago when I got a much higher ACT and was encouraged by my football coach to follow my dream of becoming a pilot. Still much too late to apply for this year. I would like any input of...
  20. L

    NROTC Public University w/o scholarship --> Private University w/ scholarship

    Hi all, I'm a high school senior and I'm looking for some advice on what's options I have for the next four years. At the beginning of this year, I has planned on getting an NROTC scholarship at a fairly elite private university. Things didn't go as planned, I actually didn't even apply...