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Aug 29, 2017

I took the CFA when I was at the Naval Academy summer seminar, and I passed according to my knowledge. I recently took the CFA again, hoping to improve my pushup and situp scores. My original CFA test that I took at NASS was submitted into my application. My new score was recently added and I guess replaced the old score? (i don't know how that works). My recent test was also submitted to West Point and AFA, and today I got a call from my West Point officer who told me that my mile time resulted in a failure, as it was over 8 minutes (which is unusual of me). My score from NASS had a mile that was under 8 min, and everything else was passing. I was wondering if it is possible to use my older test from NASS instead of the recent score that has been added to my applications. I am really worried. Thanks.
I'm pretty sure all the scores have to come from a single test. I believe you can retake the CFA.
Hi, thanks for the response. I basically want to use all the scores from the NASS CFA, but right now the most recent CFA I took was updated/entered into the system. Is it possible to use the scores from the original NASS CFA at this point?
You cannot choose your CFA nor can you superscore, as you can with the ACT/SAT. Once you decide to retake, your new scores count -- for better or worse. I also believe (but am not certain) that the scores are zeroed out for all SAs to which you sent them.

You have until Jan. 31 to train and retake. Suggest focusing on training (if possible, work with a coach or trainer on specific things to do), take a couple of practice tests under test conditions, and then retake.

Also, they know your mile time will be slower after all of the other CFA elements -- and account for this. However, guys probably still need to be around a 7:30 to pass. (Note: That time is my opinion based on talking to candidates over the years who have had to work on their mile times; it is NOT based on any inside or official info -- also, how you do on the other elements and your sports in and out of h.s. may also factor into the pass/fail determination).
Can you scratch a score before submission? Let the coach know you like your previous numbers? I read through the USNA instructions and didn't see mention of it.
You still have some time, I would concentrate on improving that mile and retake the test in a month and resubmit.
Each academy has its own protocol and rules regarding retaking the CFA. They also have their own standards for what constituted a "passing" CFA score. I believe though, with each academy, once you do a "retake" you are stuck with whatever score you got on that last CFA. You will need to take it again. My suspicion is that an 8+ minute mile is going to be a fail with all academies. You should shave at least a minute from that. Training makes all the difference. get disciplined and take care of business.
8+ min. mile you will not be able to keep up during the runs. You need to get that down! Go see your cross country coach and/or track coach and ask for help.
@kinnem , Hello. My friend's brother tried the cfa (not official), and he got 8 pull-ups, 55 ft basketball throw, 9 sec shuttle run, 52 push ups, 68 curl ups and 7:50 mile. Are these scores good (he is very strong academically, but not so much physically)?
Can you scratch a score before submission? Let the coach know you like your previous numbers? I read through the USNA instructions and didn't see mention of it.
YES! There is no reason whatsoever to submit a retest score to the Academy if the candidate is not happy with the score. The proctor should be told not to submit the score. Then the candidate can practice, improve, and take it again.

However, this highlights the importance of practicing the entire 40-minute CFA battery from start to finish. Successful candidates do this timed practice from start to finish on a routine basis in order to give them a way to track their progress. With this routine firmly in place, the candidate knows when they are ready to retest.
Our son emailed his RO at West Point his 1st CFA scores. She said improve mile and one more push up then you are gold. She also Our son's RO for West Point told him he can only submit scores once, with no retake option (unlike Navy). As a result, he held onto his scores, and is training to retest next week.
DISCLAIMER: I'm not a doctor. I'm not a fitness expert. I'm a candidate for USNA and USAFA. This worked for me, so it might work for you. But there's no guarantee.

Day 1: Sprint as fast as you can for the straightaway on a track. Then jog the curve. Sprint the other straightaway. Jog the other curve. Repeat x8 (you'd cover 2 miles)
Day 2: Rest (do muscle workouts, pushups, situps, just don't do cardio)

Repeat Day 1, but try to sprint a little more and jog a little less each time. Remember to rest a day after an intense cardio exercise.
This will build up your cardio endurance. Because the distance is fixed, you can use that endurance to run faster.
Do this often and BOOM! faster time.

Every so often I get bored and want to change it up a bit. I'd go for a longer run, like running the perimeter around my neighborhood (I live in a suburban/rural area, don't know about you).

Also, you don't need to have a track. I have a treadmill at home and used that

Hope this helps!