1. R

    2nd try after 3 years?

    Hey everyone! Here's a quick background of what has happened since the last time I applied during senior year... I attended a community college during my first semester. I ran D1 jr. college cross country, began studying civil engineering, and began training at an AROTC program 30 minutes away...
  2. rjgetler

    UPDATE: My Reapplication to USNA

    Hello again, everyone. About two months ago, I posted My Reapplication to USNA to ask the Service Academy Forms community for their advice and opinions on reapplying should I be denied admission after being WAITLISTED. I have some new ideas and plans, but I also now have some very serious...
  3. N

    Declined a ARTOC Scholarship, but still wants to be a Officer in the Army

    Hello! I recently was declined an AROTC 2019-2020 scholarship from the third board. My first choice school is The Citadel and is basically my only choice. I knew I wasnt probably going to get the 4yr but had hopes of a 3yr. I will be attending The Citadel this upcoming fall 2019 and want a...
  4. Honey_Badger

    AMA - Accepted Soldier Candidate | Admin Kit Complete

    Ask Me Anything. I'm a Soldier Candidate (MN ARNG) for the Class of 2023, and as of today my admin kit is complete (besides the Initial Deposit and Computer/Tablet Preference). I've balanced full-time college and part-time/full-time work (most recently as a National Guard Title 32 Technician). I...
  5. K

    Will it help my waitlist chances if I notify the college that I received AROTC scholarship?

    I was notified that I won a 4-year scholarship today to my dream college, but I was also waitlisted today for said college. Will it increase my chances of getting off the waitlist if I tell undergrad admissions and their ROTC cadre about it? Would it hurt?
  6. C

    Army ROTC Clarification?

    I am currently in high school, and have started looking into colleges. I was hoping to possibly do Army ROTC in college, as I have always been interested in serving. I understand what ROTC is and am clear with most of it. However, I was wondering how the commissioning into different branches...
  7. A


    Hi, I'm going to be a freshman in college next year in ROTC at VT. However, currently I'm in the process of enlisting but there's been a problem. I'm trying to get it authorized so I can ship out earlier to make it to tech in time for New Cadet Week. If it works out, it'd be split option with...
  8. afrotc2022

    Potential Switch From Tech to Non-Tech on AFROTC Scholarship

    Hi Y'all, First off, sorry if this thread is kind of redundant; I know there's a lot of similar ones. I'm a second-semester Freshman in AFROTC, on scholarship, doing Computer Science (BS) as my major. Although I'm not good at math/science, I listed Comp. Sci. on my major preferences when I...
  9. E

    USMA or Notre Dame ROTC?

    For a while now, I have been bouncing back and forth between whether I should go to USMA or Notre Dame for ROTC. I really like both schools, and I would probably study Political Science either way. I just really don't know which one to choose. I won an ROTC scholarship to Notre Dame, so money...
  10. R

    Cadet Command Scholarship Hopeful

    Hi there, I am a current high school senior with high hopes of being selected for the 3 year AD ROTC Cadet Command Scholarship, or even the 4 year option. Despite my hope and desire to be granted this scholarship, my application is very uneven and worries me. Freshman through sophomore year...
  11. Z

    Should I continue in AFROTC or should I drop it and enlist after college?

    Hello, I am currently a 250 in the afrotc program and just found out that I will not be able to earn a scholarship for the rest of my time while in the program due to my gpa from last year being below a 3.0. One of the main reasons that I joined was because I needed the money to help pay for...
  12. B

    VMI Regimental Band & Extracurricular Activities?

    How much time does the VMI Regimental Band take out of you're schedule?? How often are practice during a typical week and how often are there marching performances and long distance trips??? Do you have to join the Regimental Band first in order to join other musical bands like the Commander's...
  13. T

    Mid-College National Guard SMP/ROTC

    Hello guys, I just have a quick question. First off, a quick rundown of my current situation. I am currently attending college (Chemical Engineering). I will start my second Junior semester in Fall 2018. After many internships, I realized that chemical engineering is not for me and that I should...
  14. K

    HS ROTC ---> University ROTC

    Say a high school student was a cadet for their state's national guard or the AROTC and they were looking at some schools outside of their state. Would it be possible for them to start over again in the new state's ROTC program whether it be the AFROTC, AROTC, NROTC, etc for a chance at a needed...
  15. T

    Taking Easy Classes In College to boost GPA? (higher chance of getting active duty)

    I heard some people talking about taking easy classes in college to boost your chance of getting active duty slot. GPA obviously counts the most along with your physical fitness. Should I take/do "easy" college classes/major to boost my GPA? And IF so, what classes do you recommend?
  16. F

    ***Air National Guard to AFROTC; What benefits does ANG offer in California?***

    I have a ton of questions. My main goal is to go to college with *AS LITTLE DEBT AS POSSIBLE* & *Commission from AFROTC before I turn 39*. Im 31 now. A friend suggested I join the Air National Guard in my homestate of California to help pay for college. I'm looking at joining ANG (Air National...
  17. cousmma5280

    Colorado-Pueblo-US Military Academy Information Day-April 28th

    It's never too early to start planning for college. Admission representatives from the Five Service Academies will be holding an information day, for students in 7th through 12th grades. Parents are encouraged to attend with their student. This is a great time to learn about the Five Service...
  18. P

    Backup Plan

    I understand that most families place a deposit on a backup college so that if the DD or DS is injured before I Day they have a school to go to in the fall vs waiting a year. By doing so, do you call the college and tell them what is going? Or just make a deposit and then decline the college...
  19. E

    Off Topic- National Guard Help

    I've been interested in joining an academy in the past but had changed my mind to potentially joining the national guard. From that experience, I know this is a great forum for help and I couldn't find any other good forums for asking questions. If anybody can, can someone tell me the success...
  20. cousmma5280

    Colorado-Denver Metro Area-US Military Academy Information Day-April 14th

    It's never too early to start planning for college. Admission representatives from the Five Service Academies will be holding an information day, for students in 7th through 12th grades. Parents are encouraged to attend with their student. This is a great time to learn about the Five Service...